Find Your True North

Anja Kühnel


Das erwartet dich bei ihrer Yoga Session auf dem Wanderlust 108

Anja will give Patrick Broome, her year long teacher, mentor and guide for Jivamukti Yoga Berlin local support at the yoga session of Wanderlust 108 2nd Edition. She will make sure that old school Jivamukti meets Jivamukti Berlin style.

About Anja

Anja is director of the two Jivamukti Yoga Berlin centers and has been practicing and teaching Jivamukti Yoga for many years all over the world. 

Her inspiration comes from her teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life who opened up a way to access the yogic path and who made the ancient yogic techniques accessible and understandable in a modern, practical and relevant way by emphasizing the importance of a meaningful and mutually beneficial way of life with all of nature. 

It is the feeling of interconnectedness in one’s own heart and the importance to deepen one’s understanding through practice that inspires her every day as a student and teacher of yoga.

Anja especially is interested in the ancient yogic scriptures and vedantic teachings which offer a path to experiencing one’s true nature as limitless and free by taking away all the limitations we have put upon ourselves.

In addition to her long time experience as a yoga teacher and yoga center director in Berlin, she is often teaching Jivamukti Yoga workshops worldwide and has been teaching Jivamukti Yoga Intensive Retreats worldwide, often in collaboration with internationally renowned teachers.

Anja leads the 800-hour Jivamukti Yoga Apprenticeship Teacher Training program in Berlin and is regularly invited as faculty or board member to the international Jivamukti Teacher Trainings and Jivamukti Advanced board tests.