Find Your True North

Angela Saville


Angela has a bachelor of Education in Physical and Health Education and has worked within education and the fitness industry for 18 years as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, run coach, yoga teacher, mentor and business owner. Angela specialises in group fitness and her company Savvy paved the way for commercial outdoor fitness operation. Angela founded The Savvy Runner community which is about improving performance of the recreational runner through a balanced approach to training, nutrition, recovery and injury prevention. She has personally coached hundreds of savvy runners with great success steering them in the right direction to achieve their goals. She is passionate about running because she knows that finding freedom in running helps people live an authentically fulfilled and happy life. Angela is the first to recognise that not all people find it easy to run and by training smarter running can be more accessible to more people. She has spent years creating the most balanced, holistic program for the recreational runner to not only be able to run but to run faster, further and for longer. You will find Angela heading the start, prepping runners for races at run events all around Australia.