Find Your True North

Ange Mitchell


Angela’s mantra is inspired by her favourite quote: “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”.
Applying this to life and to yoga, makes Angela’s dream simple: to help people achieve their goals with a lighthearted approach, a smile and an invitation to explore freedom.  Angela’s fun-loving energy is ever-present as she creates an environment that fuses her passion for the body and love of movement with a raw playfulness. Angela encourages each individual to let go of thought and embrace feeling. Feel freedom in movement on the mat, and then take it out to the world.

Discovering this freedom has seen Angela come out of her shell, liberating herself from the corporate life of an accountant. Trading hours behind a desk to hours of exploring the powerful trio that exists within all of us: the body, mind and spirit. As well as being a 350hr Yoga Teacher, Angela is also a Personal Trainer, Acro and Kids yoga teacher. Expect a strong, fluid experience that will see you tap in to your inner child and leave with a smile.

So, go on – Smile. It’s Empowering and Infectious. Feel it. Embrace it.