Find Your True North

Andrew Siri Kartar Vargas Figueras


To serve and share the teachings with compassion and from the heart is what inspires me every day to give my classes, but the most beautiful part if it is to learn so much from the souls that connect in one breath, one asana and tunning in with a mantra, that is yoga for me.
My adventure started at 2018 when I began my practice with my teacher Lorena, I saw a lot of changes not only in my physical body but in my emotions and spritual practice. Three years later I knew I needed to share this beautiful gift and did my first Teacher Training of Kundalini Yoga level 1 with Pritam Pal Singh, in 2012 I Took the Concious Pregnancy Training with Kundalini Woman & Nacer en la luz and later that year Childplay Yoga with Guru Das Kaur. In 2013 I traveled to India and took Authentic Relationships level 2 KY with Gurmukh Kaur and in 2014 Mind and Meditation level 2 KY with Pritampal. In 2015 I did the Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training with Durga Steph and in the same school in 2017 the 500 hrs Training. All this years I had the opportunity to be near spriritual teachers that inspired me to keep up, like Mooji, Ram Dass, Krishna Dass, Pujya Swamiji and Amma they taught me to open my heart on this path.
I am grateful to be part of this concious awakening of loving awareness and to have the oportunity to keep learning, be the channel to pass on the teachings and be able to proyect the light, peace, love and blessings for all the beings in the universe.