Find Your True North

Amy Baker


yogo_blackKeylineI began on my mat.

I went to my mat full of imbalance and disconnection. Through the grace of countless teachers and a dedicated practice, I have come to find the aspects of this practice that help me discover what is needed to more skillfully ride the waves of life.

And to be clear, it’s a work in progress.

It is evident that I have been in those sticky places on the mat and in my life. I’ll be the one down in the dirt beside you encouraging you to forge on your path.

I found my teachers.

With over a decade of diverse practice with Ana Forrest, Dharren Rhodes, Christina Sell, and Gina Caputo and a degree in Exercise Physiology from The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, I classify myself as a yoga mutt.

Though my style has had many incarnations, it has always been influenced by thoughtful, direct alignment and sequence with a heavy emphasis on breath. My classes offer the sweat of vinyasa, the wisdom of anatomically sound sequencing, and the space to look within.

I live my truth.

Yoga is my service to my students and to this world. I continue to share my passion for yoga as the founder of “Yoga in the Eagle Town Park” and with Come Back Yoga and other conscious organizations.

When not teaching yoga, I can be found corralling my three girls, searching for moments of solitude and the best hike for toddlers and 6-year-olds going on 16.