Find Your True North

Amanda Chantal Bacon


Amanda Chantal Bacon believes that food is equal part art and medicine; as much about pleasure as healing; and that creativity and sustenance can be one and the same. Originally from New York City, Amanda first became enamored with the beauty of simple ingredients, culinary traditions, and a holistic approach to wellness while traveling the world and meeting healers, artisans, doctors and farmers along the way.

Time at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont—at the forefront of the farm to table revolution—taught her the importance of sustainability, sourcing, and working closely with local producers. Hands-on experience under award-winning chef Suzanne Goin at her restaurant Lucques showed her how to hone in on the perfection already present in seasonal produce. A turn as a Food and Wine Editor at the Los Angeles Times Magazine defined her vision of a shop offering an elegant yet life-altering approach to nourishment. Finally, her own path to self improvement has led her to continually explore the fields of alternative medicine and seek out the tutelage of leading experts.

In January 2012 Amanda realized her vision and opened Moon Juice—a beautifully curated space where the community can eat, drink, learn and share in the most extraordinary holistic offerings. Today, Moon Juice includes three locations in Venice, Silver Lake and Downtown LA, a Moon Rover that travels throughout the city, as well as an online apothecary that ships our Moon Dusts, Cosmic Provisions, Moon Pantry and an array of other products around the globe.