Find Your True North

Aline García


I had my first approach with the hula hoop approx. 5 years ago, from the beggining it totally hooked me and made me love the freedom by the expression and movement that generates around, so I made my first hula hoop, with which I took some classes, and above all, I learned a lot in a self-taught way, in base of test and error.

I spent practicing for hours, and recordeding it to notice and learn my failures and  successes. In parallel I practiced yoga, so, I started to combine both disciplines (hoop yoga), and y consequence find my own style.

I am currently a yoga, hula hoop and hoop yoga teacher, I also participate in events demonstrating what I do, and giving workshops.

On the other hand I have a bachelor´s degree in Communication Sciences with accentuation in Marketing, and although I love that branch of communication, the satisfaction of sharing this disciplines that i perform, practice and which is my passion, makes me feel more complete.

When I dance and teach others to flow with the hoop, I put into practice what I have learned from other disciplines, because although it is about flow, the fact of mantain a conscious breathing and some alignment while dancing, helps you to move more organically, like i learn in yoga.

I’ve continued taking courses and workshops of hula hoop and other disciplines, like contact improvisation and contemporary dance, is which has led me to experiment with new forms of expression with my body that fit perfectly while using a hoop.

My goal is to share this new form of expression and the experience of reconnect with our body and its extensive forms of movements. So I would love that everyone have that great opportunity to dance in spiral and feel the benefits it has over your physical body, your mind and spirit.