Find Your True North

Ali Dharma


Alina Cepeda started her meditation journey in 2001 when she encountered Tibetan Budhism. In 2006 started a more formal yoga practice, and with the help of her teacher created the program “awakened kids” where the approach to yoga and meditation is emphasized through games and movement. In 2009 she left Mexico to go live in Asia, where she stayed 4 years in remote areas of India, Nepal and Thailand maninly doing meditation retreats and studying the Tibetan language. In 2010 she completed her 300 hours certification as a Hatha Yoga instructor in Hari Om Ashram in Pushkar, India.

She came back to Mexico in 2013 where she still teaches yoga and meditation to kids and adults. Alina now has a second 250-hour yoga certification with Jnana Dakini (Yoga Espacio system)