Alicia Dunams


When did ‘Feminism’ lose its ‘femininity’? Are feminists ’empowered women’ or hostile ‘man haters’? Has this movement created a bigger division amongst the sexes, or an opportunity for further dialogue? In this presentation, explore the world of feminism from a new context and perspective, one that can be espoused and championed by both genders and various societal persuasions.

Alicia Dunams is the creator of the online and offline seminar series “Bestseller in a Weekend” and “Authoring Leadership,” facilitating personal and business transformation through the process of writing a book. Previously, she wrote Goal Digger: Lessons Learned From The Rich Men I Dated (2007), which ignited the popular #GoalDigger female empowerment movement on social media, and is the host/producer of Wealthy Girl Summit, an annual wealth-building conference for women. Alicia has been featured as a business expert on, Business Rockstars and The Steve Harvey Show. Visit her on the web at