Find Your True North

Ali King


With a background in Aerial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Rieki and Meditation  Ali King has a passion for sharing Aerial yoga with her students. Her approach to Aerial yoga is one that gives a balance of relaxation,  combined with focused alignment and strength training. Ali places an importance on each Aerial sequence and offers her students  structured class plans and instruction, encouraging them to master the  arts of Aerial yoga while having fun and enjoy the feeling of flying.  Open up and be free, swing, float, flip and trick with the joy of Aerial  Arts. Through a variety of Aerial demonstration and conscious sequencing, Ali  King will help you to build strength, flexibility and balance body and mind. Ali is based in London, holding regular teaching positions for London’s top Aerial Yoga studios and academies, including Virgin Active Kensington, Third Space Soho, The London Dance Academy and The Coco Club