Find Your True North

Alexa Nehter


As a woman who is in love with yoga and the ocean, Alexa believes that the more we align with our natural rhythms and the more we feel from the inside out the more we can live from an authentic place. She believes that we don’t have to live or practice yoga like everyone else.
Her mission is to create experiences that are meaningful to the world and inspire people to live more connected, passionate lives.

Alexa’s yoga journey began 15 years ago. Her most inspiring teachers include Diane Long (Scaravelli Yoga), Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga) and her beloved mentor, Australian yoga legend Eve Grzybowski (Iyengar tradition).

Devoted to her dharma and wanderlust, Alexa presents at conferences and teaches workshops, teacher trainings and retreats in Oceania, Europe and South East Asia. She is also part of the teaching faculty of the German Fascia Academy FASZIO and in 2015 Alexa published her first book The Clean Yogi.

Alexa’s charismatic teaching style is genuine, challenging, yet light-hearted and playful. Her classes combine Iyengar’s attention to alignment and detail with a mindful sequenced flow that allows to re-connect with our bio-intelligence and innate freedom. ‘The only thing that life wants us to do is to REJOICE. To be part of it, to be there and to FEEL FREE in it’s magnetic, monumental embrace.’