Find Your True North

Akil Davis


Akil Davis grew up with Hip-Hop dance in his everyday culture in Memphis TN. He moved to NY to study, received his Bachelors in Theatre from NYU TISCH School of the Arts, and has worked on many stages.

He has received extensive training in 4 different forms of Balinese dance, 3 forms of Thai Classical dance, Modern dance, Butoh, African, Ballet, Jazz, Kabuki, and Noh.

Akil subsequently combined Balinese Thai Classical and Hip-hop to create a new dance form; which he has taught at Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand and now performs professionally. He has trained with Brahmins in Bali and Monks in Thailand studying esoteric and spiritual disciplines, philosophies, techniques, and practices.

Akil is a Master Teacher of an extremely unique form of Mask Work that only 3 human beings in the world teach. This Mask Work has its roots in the Balinese Mask making technique worlds away from the more popular Commedia Dell’Arte tradition.
Created by Per Brahe, Akil picked up the material in college, combined it with his own knowledge, began teaching the material for University level courses at age 22,
and has since- both on his own and in tandem with Brahe- evolved the Mask Work forward as a powerful tool of transformation, expression, therapy, and even healing that is now experienced world-wide.

Furthermore, Akil, is a gifted rapper and lyricist most known for his incredible ability to freestyle/”make it up on the spot”.

Akil is a director, choreographer, playwright, novelist, and painter, and was one of the first students of AcroYoga, incorporating it into his performances and teaching.

He is the creator of the Davis Technique: a completely original acting and performance technique, which is taught exclusively by Akil to long-term students.

Akil has taught Theatre and Dance all over America, in over 7 countries, 2 of which are regular and on-going (Bali and Thailand). He is now an adjunct Professor of Mask and Art Aesthetic at NYU and SUNY Purchase, teaching semester long courses.

Akil has given many lectures (especially popular: “The Zen of Alvin and the Chipmunks”) and worked with psychologists at Pace University, University of Memphis, and NYU on emotional development, suicide prevention and awareness, and bridging the gaps between classical knowledge and esoteric philosophy.