Find Your True North

Afke Reijenga


Today, I give away smiles all day!

 Afke used to live a rock ‘n roll life style, working in art, tv, and film, surrounded by a world that felt increasingly artificial. Her longing for real authenticity grew stronger and stronger.

It was time to transform her life completely. She gave up all previous attachments – her relationship, work, house, glamour life style– and started travelling the world humblyin a van.

 Whilst exploring many cultures, peoples, and places, she reconnected to the world around her. She found so much joy in nature, in stillness, in being pure, and Yoga entered naturally, as a daily practice. In her longing for freedom, Yoga became a profound structure; the fertile ground where she could plant her seeds. Seeds that not only would serve her, but also others; let’s celebrate life together in a conscious way!

 In 2011, she came back to Amsterdam to share her love for Yoga. In her Yoga classes, Afke focusses on moving with the breath. The breath is the base. She is a very optimisticteacher, her smile is contagious. Do not take life too serious. Take your heart serious. Take time to practice, and to live your life as close to your true self as you can.

          Study and teachers:

         •        2010 Jiva Mukti workshop with Sharon and David

         •        2011 Vipassana meditation (S.N. Goenka)

         •        2012 Hatha Vinyasa Yoga 500+ hours Svaha Yoga

         •        2014 Prana Vinyasa started training with Shiva Rea

         •        2015 Yin Yoga 200 hours RYT José de Groot (DNYS)

         •        Other important teachers: Clive Sheridan, Sarah Powers (Yin), Rusty Wells,
Lady Ruth, Mooji, Eckart Tolle, Osho

         •        Before her daily Yoga she was practising Martial Arts, Jade egg,
                  Healing Tao (Mantak Chia)

 Afke teaches on the big festivals in The Netherlands like Lowlands, Healing Garden, Happy Spirit days, Wanderlust.