Find Your True North

Ada Carrillo


About 13 years ago, I began the search to improve my life’s quality. I started with meditation classes, to learn about the functioning of the mind. Later, I connected that knowledge with the body through Pilates and I became certified with Tisha Aste, taking real awareness of the responsibility that comes with taking care of our body. In that process, I discovered how important it is to enter into a synchronicity of mind, body and spirit. The latter was taught to me by yoga, so I decided to start studying and specializing in certifications with teachers like Marcos Jassan and Oscar Velázquez. It was then that I discovered that there are three fundamental elements to achieve a mind, spirit and a healthy body: perseverance, will and love for oneself. So I started this journey and the need to share all these teachings arose in me. Today I can assure you, that you can achieve moments of happiness prolonged. That you can prepare your mind, so that it becomes stronger and stronger in the urgency of quick satisfactions that lead to reaction. I currently teach my Yoga and Meditation Workshops; and I participate as a collaborator sharing these tools in TV shows such as Ponte Fit in Televisa Deportes; Mamá Natural Tv, Vida Zen 360 by Claro Video; Amigas con derechos in Efekto TV and writing in Blogs for Romina Sacre and Keiji Yoshiki.