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Eugene Butcher & Pip Elysium, co-founders of AcroYogaDance, love creating beautiful, simple and elegant transitions and with practice stunning sequences evolve into feeling like a dance. Repetition is the mother of skill; it enables you to feel the movement and automatically respond to your partner with fluidity and grace. Find all Courses & Trainings at the first dedicated AcroYoga Studio in the UK in London Bridge ‘AcroYogaDance Studio’.

Eugene Vegan Butcher is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher , a AcroYogaDance Teacher Trainer and a Master NLP Practitioner. He was previously a martial arts instructor and international examiner helping many become black belts and excellent instructors. He has innovated handstand training methods using Hand to Hand Technique and curates. Eugene is an author and featured regularly in Yoga Magazine, Om Yoga Magazine, and Vegan Lifestyle Magazine. His background compliments AcroYogaDance and is a innovator in the practice.

Pip Elyisum is a Yoga & Dance Teacher, facilitator for AcroYogaDance and Handstand Practioner. Pip loves to inspire and share her passion through Standing AcroDance, Handstands and AcroYogaDance. Pip is dedicated to inspire and help students achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability by practicing AcroYogaDance.

Pip maintains a weekly class schedule at the AcroYogaDance Studio and is a lead teacher for AcroYogaDance Teacher Trainings. She regularly writes for The Handstand Journal, Yoga Magazine and Om Yoga Magazine and is regularly featured in many high profile events and publications.