Find Your True North

Abby Allen


A native New Yorker and pizza fanatic, Abby has been studying and teaching Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism for nearly two decades, completing the tenets of a monastic curriculum and spending over 300 hours in solitary retreat and over a 1000 hours in training with globally renowned teachers across lineages. She is also the founder of Present Day, a digital detox event series, and was one of the MCs at the first ever “Wanderlust Amazing Women Entrepreneur Conference” in Los Angeles. When she’s not studying scriptures and inspiring people to break free from limiting beliefs, Abby runs Neon Butterfly, a brand development and communications agency with clients ranging from large companies, like Alcoa and Global Citizen, to wellness influencers, startups and award-winning films. Neon Butterfly is rooted in the belief that the most powerful messaging comes from melding diverse perspectives with a genuine understanding of cultural trends, human behavior, and a desire to effect positive social change.
In Abby’s words…
“As long as I can remember I have been fascinated with people and why they do what they do. Perhaps it was driven by having a white mother and black father. Always aware of those around me and my apparent differences, I have forever been outside the boxes, an uncomfortable place at first but one I have come to realize has allowed me to connect with the depth and richness of the human condition and take an array of perspectives. Through Neon Butterfly, and almost twenty years of formal spiritual study, I have also come to prioritize the art of helping others create businesses and livelihoods that support a quality of life, peace of mind, and a better world, not just turn a profit without regard to anything else. I humbly infuse everything I do with this wisdom and intention.”