Find Your True North

Clio Pajczer


From an early age, sport and art are the driving threads of my life.

At the age of 4, I feel in love with the adrenaline of flying trapeze and I was passionate about circus arts at school of Annie Fratellini.

It’s teenager that Yoga came into my life thanks to … the TV series “Dharma and Greg”! The colorful yoga teacher, embodied by Jenna Elfman, made me want to discover this new universe. It only took me one lesson to know that teaching Yoga would be my vocation.

My professional career has yet started on other paths thanks to modeling and television. Exciting experiences that have never diverted me from Yoga. After having followed several teacher training courses in parallel with my modeling and TV columnist career, I started teaching Yoga in 2015. And in January 2017, I was so happy to publish my first book “Yoga Time” to share my tips to make Yoga an ideal ally against the ills of everyday life.

Yoga is a wonderful tool for a bright and balanced life. My classes are dynamic and fun, I like to think that with envy anything is possible. The judgment remains at the door of the class, we are there to do us good, to gain confidence in us, with discipline and pleasure !

I’m fortunate to be a global ambassador for adidas women, a brand that shares my beliefs; We are all perfect as we are !