108 Fall Tour Partner Guide

Thank you for participating in Wanderlust 108. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience from beginning to end. Please read the below information and should you have any additional questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to a wonderful event! See details below.


108 Fall Tour General Information


Please fill out the Wanderlust 108 Partner Advance Form here to submit your onsite needs and specific requests at least 30 days prior to each event.

*Note: You will need to bring your own 100’ extension cord and power strip if you would like access to basic electricity. If you have arranged for a tent on site, it will come equipped with tent walls and weights. If you are bringing your own custom tent, you are also responsible for providing tent walls and weights.


Please note that because the event is held at a city location, no shipments can be accepted in advance. Everything must be loaded in the day before the event (with the exception of Nashville which will load-in morning of event). Urban Express is one of many shipping companies that may be able to accept your shipments in advance and deliver to the park day of.


Due to vehicle capacities, exact vehicle arrival time must be advanced with the event Sponsor Operations Manager:

NAME: Mike McFaddin
PHONE: 352-636-8351
EMAIL: mike@wanderlustfestival.com


If you would like to visit the site pre-event, we are available for a site visit on the day before the event at 5 PM. Please send an email to mike@wanderlustfestival.com to schedule.


Wanderlust will not provide any cold storage on-site. If your items require refrigeration, please arrange to bring our own refrigerator, cooler or reefer trucks. Reefer trucks must be advanced with your load-in.


Using compostable products is mandatory at all Wanderlust Events. In order to comply with these greening initiatives, styrofoam and plastic food service ware is not permitted. Approved items include paper cups and plates that are compostable, and other items found here. We appreciate your support in our recycling and composting program!

Please break down your cardboard AND separate your recyclables from your trash at your booth. If you need any bags ask a custodial or green team member. Blue bags are for recycling, green bags are for composting, and clear or black bags will be used for trash. Let us know if you have any needs requiring extra bins or service. Please DO NOT Leave anything behind. This includes weights for your tents, such as cinder blocks, carpets and other décor.


As you prepare to engage with Wanderlust attendees onsite, it is important and exciting to note that you have a few very direct access points to reaching them on social media.
Facebook Event Pages
Make sure you like our page!
Our attendees are trained to use the attendee pages as a way to interact with each other (by arranging housing, rides, meeting new friends and sharing photos), ask customer support questions (“Where is my class? Can kids come?”). We encourage our partners to post anything they think would be useful and relevant to the attendees. Please be mindful of how often you post as an over abundance of branding-style posts can turn the end user off and cause them to remove themselves from the event page. You can find the events here.
Make sure you follow us!
Our social media manager sits on social all day at the event and actively RTs event-related posts. Feel free to post about your activation onsite and she will do her best to RT as her calendar allows.
Make sure you follow us!
#Wanderlust2015 is our best tag for festivals, while #Wanderlust108 is our best tag for our 108 events. #FindYourTrueNorth can be used at all events and even offsite. Our attendees are very active on our hashtags, so if you have anything you’d like them to see, make sure you use these tags appropriately and often.


Click here for links to each event’s schedule, specific event information and FAQs.


Wanderlust 108 will happen rain or shine. That means that in the event of rain, we might slightly adjust the schedule, but please be prepared for any type of weather. Your tent will have 4 walls that can be utilized in the event of rain/shine, but we recommend bringing a tarp(s) for extra coverage of your products.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your sponsor manager directly, information below.

Thank you for participating in the 2015 Wanderlust 108 spring series, we look forward to working with you!


The Partnerships Team


Jodi Blea
PHONE: 347-596-0737
EMAIL: Jodi@wanderlust.com

Jacky Bereznyak
PHONE: 732-616-9442
EMAIL: jacky@wanderlust.com

Mike McFaddin
PHONE: 352-636-8351
EMAIL: mike@wanderlustfestival.com

Danielle Zotter
PHONE: 917-453-2035
EMAIL: danielle@wanderlust.com

Paige McGovern 
PHONE: 914-471-3380
EMAIL: paige@wanderlust.com

Site Specific Information


Washington, D.C.