Want to lend a hand at the mindful moving circus that is Wanderlust? Curious about what happens behind the scenes at our fests? Apply to be a Wanderlust Volunteer! We are a volunteer driven event and without your help all of this wouldn’t be possible. Our volunteer teams get an inside look at the workings of the festival and are an essential part of making it a life-changing experience for our attendees, whether it’s for our major 4-day festivals or our 1-day 108 events.

To get started, please click on the link for the event that interests you:


Wanderlust USA / Canada

Wanderlust 108 Volunteer Application

Wanderlust Festival Volunteer Application


Wanderlust Australia / New Zealand

Wanderlust Sunshine Coast Volunteer Application

Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo Volunteer Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteering at Wanderlust Festivals


What is the volunteer commitment for festivals?

What do I receive for volunteering?

Where can I apply to volunteer?

When will I hear back about the status of my volunteer application?

I am a yoga teacher and I would like to apply to volunteer teach at Wanderlust. Where do I apply?

I am a photographer and I would like to apply to volunteer my services at Wanderlust. Where do I apply?

Can I sign up for yoga classes for times when I am not working a volunteer shift?

What do I get with my complimentary one-day ticket?

How do I get my one-day yoga ticket?

I never received my one-day yoga ticket. What do I do?

When will I receive my volunteer schedule?

Where can I get more information about camping/lodging?

Can I check into the campgrounds early?

Do you offer discounts on camping/ lodging for Volunteers?

Is lodging provided for Volunteers?

Where can I park?

I am volunteering and I am a certified yoga teacher. Can I attend the teacher classes scheduled?

What should I wear for my volunteer shift?

Can I bring my children?

Can my child/teenager volunteer with me?


Volunteering at Wanderlust 108


What is the volunteer commitment for 108s?

Can I volunteer the day before the event and participate in the yoga/ 5k on the day of?

What do I receive for volunteering?

Can I participate in the 5k/ yoga when I volunteer?

When will I be able to use my 50% off discount for volunteering at a Wanderlust 108 event?