Cousins Get Called On Stage for Polyphonic Spree Concert at Wanderlust Squaw Valley


Wanderlust Wanderers Taylor and Mika

Hail from: Sacramento and the Bay Area, CA
Arrived by: Car

Taylor and Mica are cousins on a Tahoe family vacation, that happened to coincide with Wanderlust Festival. Taylor’s Dad was at SXSW a few years ago and discovered the Polyphonic Spree and has been a huge fan ever since.

In flash, these two cousins found themselves up on stage with Tim DeLaughter himself. When I asked them if they expected to end up on stage with the band, Taylor laughed and exclaimed “No!” just as her cousin Mica grinned wide with a nodding head, “Yes!”

These Wanderlust Wanderers were planning on spending their Sunday at the closing day of Wanderlust at the start of their weeklong family vacation. The rest of the week, they are going to vacation in the true Wanderlust spirit: boating, paddle boarding, biking, eating and enjoying all the awesome outdoor activities that Tahoe has to offer.

The Polyphonic Spree played a infectiously riotous set in the Greatest Place Sunday at Wanderlust Festival Squaw that had the entire crowd dancing and prancing.

l.lindley.square1Lauren Lindley is a Tahoe based traveling photographer. She is an adventurer and athlete claiming the following to her sports resume: runner, swimmer, cyclist, snowboarder, and sometimes climber. Lauren is a music lover, prolific reader of literature, and the only bottle of wine she doesn’t like has the word Merlot on it. Lauren is also a firm believer that guacamole is an all the time food and when she’s not doing athletics, you’ll probably find her on the dance floor.