The Urban Ashram

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We believe that everybody can benefit from the practice of yoga. ​In our light filled boutique studio, you will learn to balance your whole self through mindful movement practices.
Whether you are brand new to yoga or already immersed in your practice, we are here to guide you. We offer a personalised yoga experience with class sizes to a maximum of 25 people. Every class is uniquely custom-tailored to support you with full body integration, and to help you strengthen, deepen and evolve your practice through mindful movement. To ensure a balanced body and mind we offer a range of classes and workshops.

At Urban Ashram our skilled teachers are trained in different yoga lineages and draw from their individual experiences, creating dynamic and challenging classes. We aim to educate and empower you how to move with more ease and efficiency, keeping you balanced, free of pain and living better in your body and life.