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OmNom is all about conscious eating and spiritual upliftment. Inspired by Eastern philosophies and diets, OMNOM aims to bring you that divine lifestyle in today’s modern setting. Influenced by yogis, gurus and rooted in Bhakti yoga from the Krishna tradition, OMNOM is a grass roots movement, building a community of positive change.  We are also a charity that sets out to improve belly, body, mind and soul.

The nature of our menu helps revive the vitality and energy that our bodies crave. Taking inspiration from different world cuisines and knowledge from ancient Ayurveda, we’re creating something that rejuvenates and is kind to your digestion. However OmNom goes beyond just food; Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences and we have uniquely combined the two in our mission to serve you. We have a wonderful urban space for mindfulness and yoga classes which will be a home for some of the most influential speakers in living well and spiritual upliftment.  Our goal is to offer a practice that is authentic and accessible to everyone, delivering wellness and wisdom.

Compassion and kindness are the key values that drive our project. So we have incorporated a concept which is integral to our identity that promotes social responsibility. The gesture is simple yet powerful – when you eat at OMNOM, someone else eats too. For every meal we serve, for every yoga class you attend, we will feed a child who needs it.

Omnom puts a modern touch on ancient Eastern practices; it is a place where people can reconnect with themselves and others – living consciously, happily and healthily.