Ocean Soul Retreat

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At Ocean Soul Retreat we create a nurturing space that allows you to refresh your mind, energise your body, and reconnect with your soul.  Our wellness retreats for women provide every element you need to reset and reconnect, to nourish and indulge, inside and out. Centre yourself with personalised yoga and meditation sessions while deeply replenishing your body with luscious wholefoods.  Learn new skills, reset your system and build a lasting connection with yourself—all while breathing deeply and laughing loudly. When you return home, take these exhilarating experiences and start fresh by bringing healthy new practices into your life.

Ocean Soul Retreat is founded on four core beliefs:

We believe in the power of the mind, body & soul connection.
We believe that wellness is an integrated approach. We focus on reconnecting your mind, body and soul through physical, spiritual, emotional and nutritional elements.  We believe that carving out moments in our busy lives to recharge and reset allows our mind, body and soul to reconnect, delivering optimal wellbeing.

We believe that food is the best medicine.  Ocean Soul Retreat delivers a delicious customised wholefood menu designed by an Australian naturopath and holistic nutritionist.  Each meal will flood your body with nutrients, antioxidants and healthy fats. By following a wholefood diet, it provides your body with the correct tools to balance your hormones and energy levels, clear toxins and repairs cellular damage.

 We believe in the benefit of body movement. By keeping your body active and exercising on a daily basis you are more likely to feel happy and balanced emotionally and physically. It is proven that connecting with nature enhances this experience, giving us the chance to really listen to our bodies and minds.

We believe in the importance of listening to your body.  We believe that in order to restore balance in our bodies, we must learn to listen to our own inner voice and recognise the signals by listening to our body, then setting some limits and boundaries and being wise enough to respect them.