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JOMBA is a fast-growing, high-intensity, yet low-impact fitness experience! Centred around our purpose-built-and-design individual trampolines, this revolutionary form of training takes place in an instructor-led environment wherein clients experience a music-fuelled mix of movements designed to tone, burn fat and enhance cardiovascular capacity while greatly reducing the risk of impact-related injuries that can occur with other activities offering similar benefits.


BURN! The numbers speak for themselves – a single JOMBA session can burn up to 1200calories!

BOOST! Improvements to cardiovascular performance can be realised very quickly while avoiding the potential joint stress caused by running or racket sports.

SOCIALISE! With classes of up to twenty like-minded people of all abilities and at different levels, your fitness journey doesn’t have to involve you flying solo! We hold regular social events beyond just the classes, as well as maintaining a busy online community.

MOVE! Punch! Kick! Shake it! Our instructors bring their own unique skills and passion to JOMBA. Our classes include strong elements of dance and boxing in addition to the easy-to-learn core JOMBA moves. Our sessions are so much fun, you’ll barely realise you’re doing a high-intensity work-out!

TONE! It’s not all about cardio! Our trampolines offer a unique surface and frame that allow us to run through routines that’ll tone and shape your abs, arms, legs and glutes!


Who we are?
JOMBA instructors are a unique set of people with a love of fitness, music and a strong desire to help others to realise the fantastic, unique benefits of trampoline-based fitness.
While all trained and certified to the same standards, their individual styles and ever-changing playlists ensure that no two-classes are the same, you’ll always be training to new tunes, new moves but always in the same low-impact setting.

We’ve all had our own unique fitness experiences that have led us to become JOMBA instructors. The commitment to fun, excitement, community and the desire to spread the word about this fantastic new fitness phenomenon, how it’s changed our lives, and how it can change yours is what JOMBA represents.

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