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Hakuma makes tea for the rebels, the dreamers and all those in-between.

Hakuma Matcha is premium organic tea mixed with mango, lemon, agave, ginger and the fruit of the baobab tree.

What makes Hakuma unique is its refreshing taste. But more importantly, the special ingredients in Hakuma will make you feel good and help recharge both your body and mind.

Only at Hakuma, always the whole tea leaf is processed. This way, it’s made sure none of those valuable ingredients that boost your body’s immune system are lost.

Hakuma is a love child made in Austria, but raised in the world. Hakuma source their ingredients from organic farmers from all around the globe and always do their best to keep it fair and natural.

Hakumas mission is to inspire their community to chase their dreams and to be the change they wanna see. Hakuma offers a little push to those wild at heart who are thirsty for more.

Be your own change.