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Through the physical practice of yoga, individuals are granted the opportunity to slow down the mind by challenging the body. Combined with a focus on pranayama (breathwork), the asanas offer us an avenue to experience being fully present in the moment. It Coolidge Corner Yoga’s hope that each student leaves with a clear mind, a healthy body, and an overall sense of well-being. It is the studio’s core belief that by practicing yoga and taking the time to nourish ourselves inside and out, we will lead healthier, happier lives. When we are nourished, we are better versions of ourselves for our family, friends, and neighbors, thus creating a happy and healthy community that is ready and willing to make changes for the better. Feel good, do good.

Coolidge Corner Yoga is committed to making a difference, with an intention to donate half of it’s profits to worthy causes. Each year, the Coolidge Corner Yoga community will vote to decide which cause(s) most need the studio’s support. Thus, Coolidge Corner Yoga strives not only to improve the bodies and daily lives of students through the practice of yoga, but also to make a positive impact on the world around us over time.


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