Bonafide Provisions

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Bonafide Provisions ™ is the pioneer of organic, frozen bone broths + drinkable provisions. Created by Sharon Brown, a clinical nutritionist and certified GAPS practitioner, together with her husband Reb Brown, a professionally trained chef, and her niece Alexandra Rains, a nutritional therapist and CrossFit coach, Bonafide Provisions was born from a family’s personal experience with the healing powers of a whole-foods, nutrient-dense diet.

We will be sampling + serving:

Organic, Handcrafted Bone Broths | Available in four flavors: Free Range Turkey, Frontier Blend, Free Range Chicken and Grass Fed Beef. All of our bone broths are prepared traditionally: slow simmered for 24-48 hours to maximize nutrient content by producing gelatin from collagen-rich joints and extracting minerals from the bones into the broth, then frozen immediately after preparation to maintain nutritional integrity.

Drinkable Veggies | Vegetable Juice, reinvented. Crafted to continue our mission of making restorative, drinkable nourishment for the journey of life, Drinkable Veggies are a fresh, truly nutritious take on traditional vegetable juices, which are often loaded with MSG and made from concentrate. We’ve combined whole organic vegetables with a touch of organic bone broth to create a powerhouse combination that makes drinking vegetables tasty + nourishing.

Each Drinkable Veggies variety is less than 110 calories and well-balanced in macronutrients including fat, carbohydrates, and protein, making for a fantastic alternative to high-sugar juice. They are also crafted and preserved using High Pressure Pasteurization to ensure nutritional and functional properties of the product remain intact.