Wanderlust Merchandise Submissions

Thank you for being a part of the 2019 Wanderlust Festival adventure!

Please fill out this form if you are interested in having your merchandise sold in the adidas x Wanderlust Store (Dome). Only teachers/artists who fill out this form by the listed deadlines will be allowed to have their product sold at the festival. You will receive an email confirming that your form was received and your merchandise is set to be sold on-site! If you do not receive an email a week before the festival, please reach out to retail@wanderlust.com.

Deadlines to Submit Form

The deadlines to submit this merchandise are listed below. Please be mindful that there will be no exceptions made to this, as product planning for floor space must be complete prior to the festival.

2019 4-Day Festival Deadlines

Oahu, HI | Monday, February 18th

Snowshoe, WV |  Monday, May 27th

Stratton, VT | Monday, June 10th

Squaw Valley, CA | Monday, July 8th

Whistler, BC |  Monday, July 22rd

Mont Tremblant, QC |  Monday, August 12th


2019 2-Day Festival Deadlines

April / May Festivals | Monday, March 25th

August / September Festivals |  Monday, July 29th


2019 108 Deadlines

March / April / May 108’s |  Monday, March 18th

June / July / August 108’s |  Monday, June 10th

September / October / November 108’s |  Monday, August 19th


Item Allowances

All teachers/artists are permitted to sell:

1 hard good (CD, DVD, BOOK or USB) and 1 soft good (t-shirt, accessory)

Please note: We cannot store more than 30 units per teacher/artist. If you plan to sell 1 hard good and 1 soft good, the total number of units must be 30 or less.

If you would like to check on the inventory of your merchandise throughout the festival or event, you are welcome to do so and replenish your stock as needed. Additionally, Wanderlust is NOT responsible for any loss-prevention and/or theft instances that may occur. Although we take every precaution to decrease this risk, it must be noted.

Seller’s Fees / Settlement / Taxes

Wanderlust will charge a 25% seller’s fee on the net total after credit card fees. See example below:

Artist Product Retail # sold Net CC Fees Net to split Artist (75%) WL (25%)
Yogi CD $20.00 3 $60.00 $1.80 $58.20 $43.65 $14.55

Wanderlust’s Retail Team will settle up with you via email no later than 72 hours after the close of the event. Wanderlust will collect and pay sales tax on all items as required by law.


Product Pick-Up / Return Policy

Pick Up: You may pick up your remaining merchandise on the last day of the festival between 12-3pm and bring it back yourself.

Return Shipping: If you would prefer to have your merchandise return shipped back, you MUST provide a return label.

Please note:Wanderlust is not responsible for merchandise left behind without a shipping label. Wanderlust cannot transport any merchandise on the teacher’s behalf between festivals. It is the teacher’s sole responsibility to have merchandise brought to multiple festivals. Any merchandise left after the Monday following the festival may be discarded by the resort.


If you plan to ship any merchandise to the summer festivals, you will need to fill out our shipping form.

Please refer to the Wanderlust Shipping page for more shipping details including dates, addresses and instructions.

Ship to the attention of Katie Parry re: Merchandise, so it gets delivered to the correct department onsite.


All information and questions regarding merchandise can be addressed to Wanderlust’s Retail Team via email at retail@wanderlust.com.