Want to Own a Yoga Studio? This California Woman Is Giving Hers Away

The owner of Holistic Movement Center in Morro Bay, CA, is holding an essay contest to find her successor

If you’ve always wanted to own a yoga studio, this could be your chance.

Valentina Petrova, owner of Holistic Movement Center (HMC) in Morro Bay, CA, is holding an essay contest to help find a successor for her yoga studio as she transitions to a new career this summer. She’s asking anyone who’s interested in taking over ownership of the profitable 1,400-square-foot studio to submit 250 words on why they’re the right person for the job (plus a $108 entry fee). In addition to the keys to the studio, the winner will receive up to $2,000 in start-up cash.

“This is a great opportunity for someone talented and ambitious to plug right in, and it’s also a way to pay it forward,” says Valentina. For the past 13 years, she has built a tight-knit community she calls a “family” at HMC and now she’s looking to pass it on to someone who is aligned with her establishment’s roots.

In June, Valentina will be graduating with a master’s degree in Integral Psychology and embarking on a new life path. Her goal is to offer an academic program for police based on non-violence communication and psychological process training.

This decision left two options for the studio: sell or close. She decided closing would be devastating for the community and selling would leave her to blame if a new owner did not fit the community’s needs. The giveaway idea came to her in hopes of including everyone in the selection process.

“I’d love to see HMC go into good hands, and at the same time I’m creating a great story for that person—hopefully they will pay it forward to someone else in the future,” she says. “I’m looking for someone with teaching or business experience and passion for yoga as well as a positive outlook and vision for the future.”

To enter (and read the full contest rules), visit WinHMC.com. The deadline to enter the contest is June 30, 2015, and the winner will be announced July 20.  

Photo courtesy of Valentina Petrova. 

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