Sekhem: Energy Healing from Ancient Egypt

Sekhem is ancient energy healing that is channelled through the hands of the practitioner, working on all levels—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—accelerating our personal development and elevating our vibrational frequency.

Over the centuries, energy healing systems have been present in many civilisations and called different names. All connected to source energy, but channelled from different streams of unique attributes and vibrational frequencies. One energy healing that has found its way into my life is Sekhem.

Image by Leonardo Ramos
Image by Leonardo Ramos

Egyptian Sekhem is linked to the star system Sirius.This is where the Sekhem energy comes from. From Sirus to Lemuira and then to Egypt and Atlantis. Egypt was the cultural centre of the world, scholars travelled far and wide to learn the wisdom of the teachings in the temples.It was practised by the priesthood in Ancient Egypt, and can be passed from person to person through an attunement process similar to Reiki. When the Egyptian Dynasty came to an end, and the energy systems dispersed or were kept alive in small communities. Sekhem, however, was later rediscovered by Patrick Zeilger & Helen Belot.  Sekhem is channelled energy, ancient energy healing is channelled through the hands of the practitioner to the client or can be done remotely.

A lot of people ask what it the difference between Sekhem and Reiki. One main difference is that it works on a higher vibrational frequency.

Sekhem 2

Sekhem is connected to the Lion-headed Sekhmet. She is the Goddess of War and Healing Sciences. She is the guardian and protector of energy. I love working with Sekhmet as she embodies the cycles we all go through as humans when we go through high and low periods in our lives. However when the lows happen, it can feel like a war or a battle you may feel you never win, but there can be an opportunity to heal and grow from the war of obstacles and challenges in our lives. Sekhmet breaks down what no longer serves us, so that we can build anew to transform our lives. It’s not an easy journey and you are required to work through the obstacles you are facing. This is an extremely powerful gift to receive, and the main reason why I love working with Sekhem. It works on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual accelerating our personal development and elevating our vibrational frequency.

4 Reason to try Sekhem 

  • Time Out To Be Still 

If you are feeling unsettled, overwhelmed or living in your head, with the monkey chatter constantly on – when you receive Sekhem energy, you can begin to feel the energy of inner calmness wash over you, leading you to feel calm and grounded in your body. It gives your body, mind and soul time to reboot and recharge which is essential when we lead busy lives with family, friends and other commitments. Taking time out to just be is one of the essential parts of the healing journey.

  • Empowering the Healer Within

Sekhem empowers and allows you to tap into the healer within while being supported by the healing tools given to you. Sekhem is there to support you and clear blockages, belief systems and actions that are hindering your journey. When receiving the energy, you are reminded of the healer within and gain clarity on issues you may be facing.

  • Speaking Your Truth

What is your Truth? We all have many truths, some that have been created for us through society, family and friends, ones that we believe to be ours. When working with Sekhem, we unlock the belief systems that have an impact on our Truth and we allow it to unravel. The power of Sekhem allows you to become connected to yourself, as it opens you up to what your true self is seeking or needing to receive. You can begin to connect with your inner voice, the voice you may have not been able to tune into otherwise.

  • Taking responsibility to grow & do the work

When you experience energy healing, especially Sekhem, it calls for you to take responsibility of what you are needing to heal and grow from. Sekhem brings all that no longer serves you to the forefront, you can no longer hide, and you are forced to look into the shadow, and to work with your light to bring acceptance and love to what you are facing. It makes you confront yourself and the unhelpful patterns, which in turn enables you to uphold a commitment to yourself, others and the world around you.

Jaha Browne
Image by Martyna Przybysz

Jaha Browne is a Reiki Master, Sekhem & Sound Healing Practitioner. I empower people to find the healer within. By holding space for them to explore the layers that are needing to unlock their potential to heal themselves with the support of Reiki & Sekhem energy systems and sound healing through 1:1 and group work. You can find me in person for Sekhem Meditations at Re:Mind Studio & House of Wisdom. Or my monthly Luna Circle gatherings for the Full Moon and Weekly Virtual Sekhem Gong Baths every Wednesday. 

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