What does community mean to you?

This year’s Wanderlust 108 London line up answers.

We asked some of our incredible guides from this year’s Wanderlust 108 London lineup: What does community mean to you? Here is what they had to say. Come and meet all of our teachers, and reunite with the mindful community on July 31st in the heart of our home, London. Click here to book your ticket.

Naomi Absalom | Intention Setting

For me, the community should be purposeful. Within a community, everyone should know their common intention, and their part in reaching and creating that intention. Belonging is so good for our health.

When we come together at a particular time, a particular moment, a particular mental state, everything converges and we create this super organism of sorts and that’s why I am looking forward to Wanderlust 108 London this year, see you there!

Hannah Barrett | Yoga

Community is being seen, being heard. Togetherness, support and honouring everyone within it.

Richie Bostock | Breathwork

For me, community is everything. We really only flourish in our lives when we are in community and with others, just as every single one of cells that makes up our bodies has every part to play to grow and support the whole organism. Each one of us has our part to play to help each other feel loved and safe, to show up in our livers as the best versions we are.

Tom Middleton | DJ

Community, conscious, colourful.common convention,  consensus, consideration, closeness. coilism, consideration, cooperation. Compatibility, clarity, continuity, coherence, change, conception, constitution, construction, creation, cherishing, cleansing,  connection, cleaning, commutation, compassion, companionship, complete.

Darvina Plate | Yoga

Community to me means support, it means a network, cheerleaders behind you supporting you, encouraging you, to do better, to rise higher and be your best self.

David Kam | Movement

Community for me is being able to feel at home in the company of others who may not necessarily share your interests, but who are always there in trust and in faith to support you and hold you.

Dirish Shaktidas | Chakra Healing

Community to me means love, respect, and having shared values. Just really vibing with each other, that’s community for me.

Ebony Flow | Yoga

For me, community is about togetherness and unity. It is about accepting and celebrating all of our differences and our diverse cultures. It is about making sure everyone feels welcome and seen no matter who they are or where they’re from.

Maude Hirst | Meditation


Radhika Das | Kirtan

Community to me means an opportunity to gather with like-minded souls to seek truth and joy together. 

Sabine Appleby | Yoga

Community is yoga for me because that is where I feel whole in myself around similar purposes in life, there is a mutual understanding of each other without any judgement or expectations.

Sunita Devi | Yoga

For me, community is about people coming together, people from all different backgrounds, races, sexes. We come together and we inspire and uplift each other.

Emily Harding | Yoga

Community, It’s all about connection. It is when we come together with a shared purpose and intention. Whether we are a literal or figurative community, having our arms around each other, it is all about support, and I am so excited to be a part of our Wanderlust community once again.

Emma Obayuvana | Fitness

Community means being part of a diverse group of individuals where we share passions, and learn from another. It means empowering one another and supporting one another. For me to share my job and make the lives of others that little bit brighter.

Jen Landesberg | Yoga

Community to me means togetherness, it means belonging and finding somewhere where you fit it. Finding a group of people where you fit in, that shares the same values and beliefs that you do. It is having a family away from family, and to me there is nothing more important than that.

Mariel Whitmond  | Yoga

“Community to me is about being a part of the ‘we’ of the collective, of something that is greater than ourselves. A place for us to have a voice and participation where we can forge connections and show up as we are and be seen and accepted.

Shakira Taylor | Fitness

Having a safe space, either online or in-person, where you can truly be yourself, supported and empowered to be the best version of yourself. I can’t wait to meet you all at Wanderlust on 31 July in-person and be one community.