Making Space for Grace: Ryan Leier on Loss, Grief, and Yoga

“Like a lightning bolt, she flashed into our world and out.”

Two weeks before the filming of this video, yoga teacher Ryan Leier and his wife Caitlin, lost their baby girl, Thora Grace.

“Like a lightning bolt, she flashed into our world and out. After being with us for months in Caitlin’s body and then five minutes on earth, she left her body,” Leier said. “Her essence became one with all. I feel and hear her in the wind, in the sun, with the birds, in the clouds, in the water and the thunder storms.”

Affectionately known as Ryan the Lion, this Saskatoon, Saskatchewan native is fiercely passionate and inspirational in his pursuit to bring creative energy to every class he teaches. He does this though his One Yoga studios and as an ambassador of yoga to communities around the world. Leier will also be teaching at Wanderlust Whistler.

“I feel that the practice of yoga has given me the capacity to deal with this grief and heartache,” Leier said. “It has helped me find the beauty and see the truth in suffering. The Spirit of Thora lives forever inside and outside of me.”