Evolution Of Goddess—A Conversation with Emma Mildon

We’re living in the moment of goddess. Bestselling author and spiritual activist Emma Mildon explains why.

Emma Mildon is a self-described scribe, spiritual activist and spiritual activist whom the Huffington Post has crowned a “true millennial mystic.” Her first book—The Soul Searcher’s Handbook—was a bestseller, introducing a whole new generation to the ancient wisdom of herstory alongside modern alternative spiritual modalities. She’s also a past columnist and teacher for Wanderlust Festival. 

Her most recent book, Evolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers, hits bookshelves this month, and we sat down with Emma to dig into just what she means by this—and why she chose to write it now. 

Wanderlust (WL): The idea of what makes a goddess is a hot topic right now. Why?

Emma Mildon (EM): As a society we have learnt not just to take care of ourselves better in the mindfulness and self-love shifts—but also each other. And that is what Goddess energy is all about. Nurturing, Protecting. Unifying. Loving each other. The key is unity. We are all one. Everyone can be feminine—everyone has Goddess in them. The days of exclusivity are behind us. I truly feel Goddess, Feminine rising, sisterhoods, movements, marches, books, talks—it is all stirring the spirals of change to help move us forward as beings.

“Understanding that true spiritual evolution comes from walking forward while turning inwards.”

WL: Why is storytelling, or an oral tradition, important to continuing evolution?

EM: Part of human conditioning is storytelling. We grow up with the fairy tale, the myths, the legends. The become the core of what we believe is good, and right in the world. Evolution of Goddess looks to reacquaint adults with these stories, some familiar, some dug up from forgotten civilizations to reminds us change is the only constant. And with that comes tremendous growth, lessons, challenges, insight, and we in turn become more evolved souls in the process. We connect with others through story. It unifies us.

“Each Goddess story tells a very real lesson: that women are magic. That women have the power to remove the illusion that we are all separate from each other.”

WL: Are we living in a decidedly feminine moment? Is the revolution happening?

EM: A revolution, or evolution? Let’s go with (r)evolution. We are growing, expanding, learning, developing and as a result becoming better people for it. Being ‘mindful’ is no longer about ‘me, me, me’ spirituality. It’s not just sitting on a cushion and blasting some OM’s, it is also about showing up: For yourself, for others, for the environment. The movement is about expansion, betterment, and being more evolved souls in how we treat everything around us.

“An evolved Goddess is someone who has a conscious comprehension and awareness to life, a beauty in their mindful nature, and is a role model who seeks to drive forward conscious change.”

WL: What do you mean by feminine superpowers?

EM: By superpower I mean your energy, your ammo, your juice that empowers you to show up, to stand up, and to do what is right. Feminine superpowers are not reserved for females, let’s make that clear. Everyone experiences gut feelings, hunches, knowings, overwhelming emotion to act with purpose, courage, and care. The energy that powers you. That drives your purpose. This, this is feminine superpowers.

“There are four key pillars holding you up that you can re-ground yourself to. Your responsibility. Your power. Your Compassion. And your sense of unity. This, is your foundation.”

WL: You write that the future isn’t female, it’s feminine. Tell us what you mean by that.

EM: Feminine is an attribute everyone can harness. This isn’t about women, this is about everyone. Everyone evolving. Yes, women are taking the charge but men are just as powerful in their feminine space as women are. Either a man or a woman who is strong, yet emotional; passionate, yet vulnerable; driven, yet compassionate is in balance with their energy. They harness their inner warrior and Goddess to find balance. And in doing so bring balance to the world around them.

“Be bold, bright, and beautiful without being a bitch about it.”

WL: Why, do you think, is the feminine more in touch with Earth’s cycles?

EM: The feminine energy is about life, creation, ending, and rebirth. Like the Earth has its seasons and cycles so do we as women. Hell, in any month we can be blooming one day, destructive the next. Like Earth, feminine energy weaves, she creates, she feeds, nurtures, and serves. Feminine energy is as much fire, water, air, moon as it is sun. As woman, our bodies are cyclic like time and the seasons of Earth, so there is a natural infinity between the two. Sometimes I link the emotion from a feminine energy is just the expression—like Earth expresses itself in flowers and trees.

“We don’t need an invitation to be real. The truth is: we don’t need permission to own the power of what makes us unique, what makes us female.”

WL: How can men be allies to support the goddess revolution? What makes a man an ally?

EM: Listen. Understand. Support. Encourage. We are not separate from each other. This isn’t a war, a battle, an overthrow – this is about finding connection and balance.

“Neither a light nor a dark lesson is more justified than the other, neither is more powerful, both equal in their opportunity to gift you new insight, new levels of compassion, and a new meaning to love.”

All quotes and image taken from Evolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers. Reprinted with permission.

Emma Mildon is the girl-next-door millennial mystic charged with creating a movement of conscious action in the world. Crowned by the Huffington Post as “a true millennial mystic leader”, she is a spiritual activist and the international bestselling author of her book The Soul Searcher’s Handbook now available in six languages. Emma’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious. Through her work as a philanthropist, columnist, speaker and the hostess of powerful new moon gatherings each month, Emma educates, inspires and holds space for people who are committed to taking balanced, conscious action toward global healing. ​Emma writes for mindbodygreenThe Huffington PostThrive Global, and Simon and Schuster NY with ​her second book The Evolution of Goddess set to activate her already awakened audiences. She writes and speaks on all topics spirituality, wellbeing, female empowerment, publishing, and goddess.