Book Review: ‘The Untethered Soul’

Not only is Michael Singer’s book The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself (New Harbinger Publications, 2007) a lovely addition…

Not only is Michael Singer’s book The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself (New Harbinger Publications, 2007) a lovely addition to any truth-seeking yogi’s shelf, but it’s also a book that truly stands out. I call it my magical little book of truth bombs.

You may have heard about this book. It exploded onto the scene a few years ago following author Michael Singer’s appearance on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” show. If you have already read this book, you know why I’m gushing. If you haven’t read this book yet, read it.

The Untethered Soul is the kind of book I find myself repeatedly re-reading, giving away, and re-purchasing. As a life-long seeker, reader, and yogi, I hold this book up among similar titles and say, “Start here!”

As the title suggests, the book takes you on a journey to untie yourself from the illusion of the ego mind.

If you’re familiar with yogic philosophy, this is not a new concept. It’s all about freeing yourself from your thoughts.

What makes Singer’s process so brilliant is that he has stripped the philosophy down to its true core, yet he doesn’t oversimplify. He offers the truth clearly, powerfully, and without unnecessary adornment.

Singer is careful not to pigeonhole his process into a particular religious framework, and instead weaves the doctrines of many religions and philosophies in a way that draws their wisdom together in unison. This does not, however, mean that Singer strips spirituality out of the process. Rather, he moves straight into the most direct perception of your true self—straight into the heart of spirituality.

I purchased Singer’s book from Amazon after it appeared as a suggested title. I didn’t recognize the author’s name or the title at the time. At first The Untetherd Soul became just another book in a growing stack from which I sought answers to the burning questions in my life. Although I had dabbled in yoga and read book after book, something wasn’t clicking. I was still reaching for a deeper understanding.

The moment came somewhere in Chapter 3, “Who Are You?” I was reading on my couch like any other evening, and out of nowhere, it clicked.

I felt my self-awareness sink back and rip itself from the tangles of my mind.

I slowly looked around my quiet apartment. My eyes fell back onto the little unassuming book and I felt the power of the knowledge it contained. I became the observer. My mind—or ego self—was separate from my true self for the first time in my life. Nothing was ever the same after that moment.

Whoooaa. Intense. OK, let’s relax.

Am I saying that you will read this book and your soul will rocket blast itself out of illusion and your life will never be the same? No, not necessarily. But I do know that this book is powerful and written with the intention of aiding understanding.

Yet, with all that intensity, Singer will still make you laugh. He is witty and light-hearted throughout the entire book. I valued this approach. The work of the soul can seem like a struggle sometimes, but it’s really about welcoming the joy of love into your being and living in the moment. And that’s the goal, after all. Enjoy the beautiful ride.

“What does it feel like to identify more with Spirit than with form? You used to walk around feeling anxiety and tension; now you walk around feeling love. You just feel love for no reason. Your backdrop is love. Your backdrop is openness, beauty, and appreciation. You don’t make yourself feel that way; that is how Spirit feels … You don’t claim to understand what is happening to you; you just know that as you go further and further back, it gets more and more beautiful.” – Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul

Nicole-HarrisOuter truth-seeking journalist turned inner truth-seeking yogi, Nicole Harris now writes freelance and teaches yoga. Her practice on the mat began in Minnesota in 2011 and eventually led her to teaching in Florida. Her true passion is to cultivate awareness and live from that honest, real space as much as possible. She finds her quickest ways to get there are through nature, adventure, and travel. The deepest way is through a meditative yoga practice.