108 Wise Words Spoken at Wanderlust

I’ve got a journal full of gems, and they will travel with me far beyond Wanderlust. Each teacher…

I’ve got a journal full of gems, and they will travel with me far beyond Wanderlust. Each teacher shares themselves, provides their own unique offering at the festival, and I get inspired in some way from all of them.

I always write down the words that land hard – that have an impact – the sentences where I want to put my hand in the air and say “mmmhmmm.” Throughout the year, and perhaps even for years to come, I look back over my journal and become inspired all over again. And, in this way, the teachings stay with me, and the festivals live on.

Here are just a few of the beautiful perspectives that were shared in Squaw. Perhaps you were there in one or more of these classes, and you remember. We share these moments. We are connected. One day, we will pass in the street, and I will recognize your light in mine.

  • “Life is yoga.” -Manoj Chalam
  • “The person in the room who is the happiest is the most advanced yogi in the room.” -Cameron Shayne
  • “We practice asana so that we can release the tension, so that we can sit, to remember who we are… We practice asana so that we can come home.” -Seane Corn
  • “Run the river of your inner gaze into your heart.” -Stephanie Snyder
  • “Ignore the story. See the soul. And remember to always love.” -Seane Corn
  • “Meditation is just the act of listening. What comes out of listening is magic.” -Cameron Shayne
  • “Surrender is like a drop of water merging into the ocean.” -Manoj Chalam
  • “Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart.” -Kahlil Gibran through Manoj Chalam

(Yes, if you add up all the words contained in the quotes above – it actually equals 108. Speaking of 108, have you heard of our new event series Wanderlust 108? This mindful triathlon kicks off in September in Brooklyn and Atlanta.)

anj_garudasanaAndrea – affectionately called “Anj” – is a Yoga Teacher based in San Francisco and Berkeley, where her Oms resonate down the block and around the corner. She is known for a bhakti-filled class with a whole lotta soul and a fierce flow. Andrea also writes, and edits. And travels, a lot. She takes her teaching on the road with yoga retreats around the warm world. Next up: Marrakech, Morocco!