30 Ways to Beat the Heat, Naturally

Forget air conditioning! Try these natural tricks to cool your body down during the hot summer months.

Still filling up your summer schedule? Celebrate the season with our remaining summer festivals. 

Earth-loving yogis may enjoy the warm sunshine on bare skin, and look forward to spending the weekend playing outside. But no matter how much you enjoy the warmer months, everyone needs ways to cool down when the summer heat rises. There are plenty of ways to find that cool energy and seek cooler experiences without blasting electricity-sucking air conditioning. Here are 30 natural ways to help you balance your hot summer adventures with cool breezy activities.

1. Plan Your Day. 
Depending on how hot your locale is, there are definitely certain times of day that are essential to capitalize on. Before the sun rises and after it sets you have a few golden hours of cooler weather. Take this time to water your plants, go for a jog, or enjoy a meal outside.

2. Hydrate. 
Invest in a Hydro Flask, S’well, or another brand of insulated water bottle that keeps water cold throughout the day. Hydration during the warm months is crucial.

3. Essential Oils. 
Peppermint and Spearmint Essential Oil both contain menthol which have cooling properties. Add a few drops to your diffuser at home, or make your own body mist for when you’re on the go. You can even create event-specific essential oils by mixing different scents together.

4. Swim!
Take a dip in a local swimming hole, public pool, or even a kiddie pool in your backyard! There’s nothing better than submerging in cold water on a hot summer day.

5. Eat Cool, Be Cool. 
Consume foods that are cooling to your internal systems. Go for sweet and ripe summer fruits, fresh veggies, and foods that are bitter or astringent rather than salty or spicy.

6. Water Workouts. 
Explore new summertime workouts. It’s summertime, the season of adventures! New season = New workout. Try surfing, wake boarding, kayaking, swimming laps or stand up paddle boarding.

7. Infuse Your Water.
Infuse your water with fresh fruits! This will encourage you to drink more water and will help suppress your sugar tooth. Try using mint, citrus, and ripe fruits in season.

8. Meditate. 
Sometimes we need to cool our minds as much as we need to cool our physical body. Take time every day to slow down and meditate. A few minutes of deep breathing and relaxation will go a long way.

9. Snacks. 
Make home-made popsicles and frozen fruits for your weekend adventures. Check out a few of our favorite recipes here.

10. Pulse Points. 
There’s numerous pulse points on your body that can be used as cooling spots when in contact with cool water. You’re probably familiar with the points on your wrists and back of neck. Try putting a cool towel or running cool water over your feet, wrists, and temples. Wear a damp bandana when exercising outdoors.

11. Chrysanthemum Tea.
Chrysanthemum is a natural coolant. Sip on this delightful tea hot or cold.

12. Get Your Hair Did. 
Summer is a great time for change and a shift of perspective. Get a haircut and switch things up while simultaneously setting yourself up for a cooler summer. Keep your hair off the back of your neck to keep body temperatures lower.

13. Dress Light. 
Wear light colors and breathable fabrics, especially on those scorching days. We suggest cotton and linen.

14. Take More Showers. 
There’s nothing like a cold shower in the midst of a sweltering summer day. It doesn’t have to be an epic water-wasting shower—just a quick rinse will do the trick. Take them often!

15. Cool as a Cucumber. 
Keep a cucumber in your fridge and cut a couple slices to soothe your eyes after a long summer day. It will not only reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes, but bring down the overall temperature of your body. Treat yourself!
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16. Eat Smaller Meals. 
The more you eat, the more heat your body creates. Eat small meals throughout the day to limit the metabolic process that create heat within.

17. Cooling Breath.
Practice Shitali Pranayama, a cooling breath that will not only cool your body temperature but also anxiety and mood.

18. Aloe Vera. 
We all know aloe vera is epic for cooling a sunburn, but it can also be used for overall cooling during the hot months of summer. Check out this DIY recipe for an aloe spray!

19. Chilly Sheets. 
Have you ever put your pillowcases and sheets in your freezer before bed? Try it! Place them in plastic bags in the freezer for a couple hours and sleep in fall asleep on a cool and cozy bed. You can also try sleeping with a cold water bottle.

20. Home Sweet Home. 
Work with the heat, not against it. Instead of wasting energy by blasting your air conditioning, block out harsh sunlight with blinds or curtains. You can also use circulating fans and limit your use of electrical products. Try opening your windows and using fans to circulate the air if you feel like the air is stagnant and hot.

21. Ice Bath. 
Your feet work hard to get you around town, they stay confined in shoes which can harness lots of heat. Treat yourself to an ice bath for your feet.

22. Sleep Naked. 
Yup, I said it. Sleep naked.

23. Rose Petal Spread. 
Ayurvedic wisdom states that rose has a cooling effect on your mind, body and emotions. It can be spread over toast, over dessert or fruit, or even in your tea.

24. Just Chill. 
Take it easy, especially if you tend to overheat. There’s plenty of hours in the day to accomplish your daily goals. Create time to relax and don’t over exert yourself running around town. It’s too dang hot!

25. Find Some Shade. 
When you make plans to play outside, make sure to wear sunscreen, bring plenty of water, invest in a wide brimmed hat, and find a pocket of shade to hang out in when the sun is beaming.

26. Connect with Mother Moon. 
Follow the phases of the moon and open yourself to her cooling lunar properties. Take a ‘full moon bath’ to cool your soul and bring abundance into your life.

27. Study Ayurveda. 
Read ten ways to balance the excess pitta (ruled by the elements of fire and water, and has the qualities of being hot, humid, penetrating, spreading, and malodorous) so you can enjoy a calm, peaceful, relaxed summer.

28. Magical Coconuts. 
Drink coconut water and keep coconut oil close by. It has natural cooling properties that can cool you from the inside out.

29. Sound Meditation. 
When you’re sitting at your desk at work, driving in your car, or at home making dinner, play some soothing tunes to calm your mind, body, and spirit. Find joy in listening to the sounds of nature. I especially find rainfall or ocean sounds to be cooling and calming.

30. Aromatherapy. 
Light a rose or lavender incense before you go to bed to cool down from a long day and relax before bedtime.


Zuzu Perkal is an artist, photographer, yoga instructor, blogger, and pizza lover. Born in San Diego and currently living in Austin, Texas, she lives for creativity and connection. In 2010, after studying Creative Advertising at the University of Texas from one of the nation’s top rated portfolio schools she chose the path of travel, exploration, art, and inspiration; wild and free. Fall down the rabbit hole… ihavepinkhair.com and @zuzubee