Find Your True North

Twice The Health


Twice the Health is made up of nutritionist Emily, and PT Hannah… and before you ask, no they are not related.

They are simply the very best of friends!

The matching outfits and bouncy blonde manes may beg to differ but in reality they actually met quite recently, finding matching interest in culinary delights whilst studying in Cardiff.

They began TTH after finding themselves a very last minute spot to run the London Marathon. With just twelve weeks to train they encountered all kinds of problems, but in true TTH fashion they made it through and completed the 2015 Virgin London Marathon in a time they remain incredibly proud of. From then on out there was no stopping them!

Each year they set themselves one (for now!) epic 50k feat, in an attempt to challenge their bodies and explore the world. So far this has taken them to The Grand Canyon, and The Great Wall of China. Hey, they have never said they do things half hearted! These challenges not only allow them to test their training, it allow them to travel to incredible places, and experience adventure with each other!

TTH follow one mantra, which tends to coincide with everything they do from lunch to lunges… to ‘make health our happiness’. For them that’s mad running adventures, and exploring the ever growing food industry with preference always being on dessert. Of course, they are always together and always wearing the exact same outfit from top to bottom!

They want to inspire YOU to create your own adventures, and challenge your own bodies however that may be. For them it’s the finish line feeling that motivates them to keep exploring… now it’s time for YOU to find yours.

They look forward to joining you on your adventures soon!