Find Your True North

Tangi Holmes


While attending graduate school in Baltimore, MD, Tangi discovered her love for yoga. It was the way that yoga made her feel physically, mentally, and spiritually, allowing her to have a more balanced and peaceful outlook on life. After graduation, this Mississippi girl moved to L.A. and continued to develop her practice.

Tangi was introduced to SUP Yoga through a friend who was visiting and convinced her to go to class. She instantly became intrigued and knew she wanted to experience more. After her friend left, Tangi set out to find a practice closer to where she lived, and that’s when she came across YOGAqua. She took a class and knew right away that it was a perfect match for her to bring her love of yoga into nature and enjoy the water in a new and exciting way.

Wanting to learn and understand yoga more, Tangi enrolled into the Tamal Yoga School and received her Yoga Alliance Certification. And soon after, knew that she needed to learn and understand her love for SUP Yoga more as well. She enrolled into the teacher training program at YOGAqua where she received her SUP Yoga Instructor Certification and WPA Level 1 Certification.

Tangi is more than excited to make her Wanderlust teaching debut at Stratton, and to share her love and passion for SUP Yoga with her students!

Tangi teaches her mermaid ways with YOGAqua, and trades in her tail to teach land yoga with Rise Movement and Yoga Salt.