Find Your True North



RootHub has a voice that resonates at the frequency of healing. His work in the yoga/wellness community has taken him around the globe sharing what has been dubbed as “immediate music”. Music created in the now that reflects the miracle of the moment. RootHub is a gifted songwriter, the creator of the soul sound inspiring SONGRISER workshop, the INSTANTANTHEMS project, and is an avid collaborator with various artists and healers. His work has been shared at Wanderlust, Hawaii Yoga Festival, Omega Institute, etc. He’s supported artists such as Jack Johnson, Damien & Stephen Marley, Brett Dennen, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd, Nahko, and many more. Keep and eye out for RootHub as he flows through the festival. If he’s got his ukulele and his top hat on, that means he is in INSTANT ANTHEM mode and wants to make a pocket sized theme song just for you.