Find Your True North

Kale Kaalekahi


Kale Kaalekahi, Founder/Creator of KINOLAU Connective

Through my life experiences, my passions and a pursuit of rootedness with the living world, I have been set on a path to become a person in hopes to be in balance with my surroundings. As I have progressed, regressed, lived and died in some forms and aspects, my journey has continued to guide me towards bringing myself and those who are willing to come along, to be in accordance with the Inherent Nature of our own being and of that within all of our unique habitats that we exist in. Our philosophy is that we can only be as healthy as our environment, only as strong as our community, and only as ALIVE as our relationships…these foundational elements inform us, guide us, and bring us into being, so we can pursue health, fitness, and wellness not simply for ourselves, but to reciprocate to all that has given us life. Fitness Humanity for the betterment of all. MAHALO