Find Your True North

Jessica Encell Coleman | The Magic of Human Connection


Jessica Encell Coleman is a life enthusiast, love adventurer, connection alchemist and the founder and creator of The Magic of Human Connection – an experience she has facilitated for thousands of people and a movement to amplify way more love inside ourselves, with each other and on this planet.

Drawing upon thousands of hours of trainings in personal development, team consciousness, spirituality, deep ecology, sustainability, and yoga & health coaching certification, plus rich life experience gathered from creating her own B.A. on the intersection of Consciousness, Interconnectedness and Sustainability at NYU, living and studying empowered cultural dynamics in locations ranging from a world renowned ecovillage in Auroville, India to the deep Amazon rainforest, and mentoring with the world’s preeminent leadership teachers, Jessica is proven to deliver profound heart opening when she facilitates her signature experiences of sacred & playful connection modalities. Expect to be delightfully surprised.

Jessica is a firm believer that life is a magnificent celebration, joy is the best medicine there is, and that love exists everywhere, waiting to be expressed, enjoyed participated with! She invites participants to see and appreciate the awe and abundance within themselves, each other, and life and to use relating to amplify the most beautiful parts of humanity in her signature experiences that are consistently called “life changing.”