Find Your True North

Dr. Habib Sadeghi


Habib Sadeghi, D.O, is the co-founder Be Hive of Healing Integrative Medical and Dental Center in Agoura Hills, CA.
Dr. Sadeghi provides a comprehensive knowledge of revolutionary healing protocols in integrative, osteopathic, anthroposophical, environmental, and family medicine, as well as clinical pharmacology. Through a unique and individualized approach to healthcare that includes evidence-based, Western medical interventions and intuitive Eastern healing modalities, Dr. Sadeghi has been able to achieve astounding results in patient cases that were otherwise deemed hopeless by traditional medicine.

Dr. Sadeghi is the author of Within: A spiritual awakening to love & weight loss, Bittersweet: The contradictory healing power of forgiveness and Seeds of the Soul: Inspirations for a life in healing transition. He is also co-author of the book, The Light along with Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), Terry Tillman (Writings on the Wall), Barbara Marx Hubbard (Emergence: Shift From Ego to Essence), John-Roger (Living the Spiritual Principles of Health and Wellbeing) and other leaders in health and spirituality. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and the lifestyle website, GOOP, has participated in TED talks and serves as the publisher of MegaZEN, an annual health and wellness journal. His newest book, The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing was just published by Goop Press.