Find Your True North

David Ramos


Throughout his path in Yoga and his collaboration in more than 1,000 hrs of Teacher Trainings, David has experienced teaching several styles of Yoga; such as Raja, Hatha, Vinyasa, Mandala, Ashtanga, Rocket and Acro Yoga. As a result, David’s classes offer a combination of diverse ingredients that blend the inner power of Ashtanga with the Flow of Vinyasa, body alignment of Hatha and freedom of Mandala to form a fluid practice that is strong and intense to the physical body, while providing a relaxing and meditative experience to the inner self.

His background in engineering and studies in Gestalt psycotherapy allow him to blend philosophy and theory to form an integral perspective that encourages a practice that is powerful, transformative and efficient.

Live music and poetry help round up the experience of each class, providing an insight to the artistic undertones that reside deep within us.