Courtney Smith


A bawse from birth, Courtney knew that the world was bigger than her backyard in Arkansas. She has lived in 5 different countries and traveled to 63 and counting. She began practicing Astanga Yoga in Australia and continued her yoga education while living in Europe, completing a 200hr teacher training with Brian Cooper. In the pursuit of the grateful shred, Courtney moved to Aspen, Colorado in 2007 where she created and trademarked Thug Yoga® for the homies who didn’t vibe with traditional styles. Often seen dabbing to the music of T.I., Courtney continues her daily Astanga practice, snowboards 100+ days a year, goes to every rap/hip hop show at Belly Up Aspen and shoots tequila like it’s water. It’s called balance. And that’s what she aims to give to her students on the reg. She encourages mindfulness in me-full-ness. Do less, feel more, be your saucy self and own it. Namashred.