Find Your True North

Clio Manuelian


I am a mother, wife, LA-lover, ex-NY’er, devoted student, recovering type A, exuberant learner and an Ambassador for Joy. All offerings are soulful and strong. My love for this practice is rooted over decades and spans a spectrum of styles. The Dharma and wisdom teachings are at the heart of my life and work.

Classes are infused with humor and precision alignment, with common sense wisdom, deep, demanding work and spiritually up-lifting stories.

For me, this practice – energetically empowering, mentally focusing, sweetly nourishing – is the path of living a more loving, meaningful, joyous life.

I lead public classes and Teacher Trainings at Wanderlust Hollywood & Equinox and host annual retreats in gorgeous locations. A bow of deep gratitude to all my brilliant teachers and to each student who expands these teachings for us all.