Find Your True North

Amore One


Amore One, producer, composer, and DJ, also known in some circles as Guido Corleone, the heartbroken revolutionary in the Hip Hop crew the Luminaries. Much like his taste in music. A1 has been putting together DJ sets that range from sounds that spark the uncontrollable movement of bodies – to the source material it was sampled from – to the straight-up funky, deep, rare and obscure. Seeing this man in action is like taking a trip down memory lane into the future while being locked into the present moment on the dance floor. From Hip Hop, rare groove, electronic, bass, indie, funk, soul, rock, punk, metal, reggae, library, film, soundtrack, foreign, folk and cowboy – to that one sample that you never knew came from that one track you never knew existed – this is a cross-section and a quantum possibility of what you can expect to hear in an Amore One soundest – which basically means: ANYTHING GOES.