Find Your True North

Amir Magal


Artist and creator of the Tribal Body Marker, Amir Magal is inspiring yoga and festival communities all over the world to take a breath and spark deep soul connections through the sacred art of tribal marking.

FIsraeli Born and Venice beach local, Amir has been a photographer and visual artists his entire life. His work is well known in the yoga and Conscious world. An artist to the core, Amir loves the unknown and the adventure of Life. Ask him where he gets his inspiration from and he points up and says its mostly connecting to source and beauty of nature bodies, and also good chocolate, connecting to the child energy is his practice and letting each moment be a gift.

He hopes to leave his mark on the world by connecting people to their own beauty and purpose if not only for the moment he is with you. Amir and team are definitely souls not to be missed.