Your ReSOULutions for 2016

Five reasons why your year should be about sweating, stretching, and spirituality.

2016 is a year nine in numerology, which means it is a year for transformation and release. It is also the Year of the Monkey in Chinese Astrology, which means you’ll be at your peek in terms of curiosity, problem solving, and creativity. It’s a year to seek—ideal for those soul searchers among us…

So ditch the idea of mastering a second language in 2016, or that resolution of getting a promotion, earning more, and doing more. Let’s leave your wallet and ego out of this, shall we? This year, why not make the next 365 days all about how to sweat it, stretch it, and spiritual it up in life. Here are the top reasons to make sure your resolutions have one, if not all of the S factors: sweat, stretch, and spirituality.

1. Mix and Match: Sweat and Stretch

Let that inner fitness monkey loose, and think of your workouts as play time! The art of creating sweat resolutions that stick comes down to variety, so make sure your sweat sessions mix it up. Take on yoga (try a new class or studio this year), CrossFit (go on—you know a secret goal of yours is to do a handstand push-up), and dance (yes, it counts as a workout and is fun for your inner child—win-win).

Or… For those of you who really want to get the first place trophy for top sweater of 2016—sign up for a sweat challenge, register for a marathon or event, and commit to that permanent sweat stain you’ll be sporting all year (Sweatbands recommended!). Make sure to play your sweat and stretch sessions off each other—who said you can’t be in a relationship with more than one S! Shh—our secret.

2. Add Spirituality to Your Stretch

While you are kicking back, reading your latest yogi-wellness-New-Age read, why not lie on your mat and incorporate some hip openers, twists, or pigeon poses? I personally love to do morning salutations,  a short meditation, and then lie on my mat in a clear, opened state and listen to a New Age audio book for 30 minutes a day. This means I can lie back on my mat after my stretch session and soak up all that spiritual goodness! Go on, give it a go—you’ll leave your mat feeling chilled out, aligned, and as if you’ve had a double dose of wisdom injected into your chakras. Keep an eye on the top spiritual reads for 2016, and keep a flow of spiritual downloads coming in as you breathe and stretch out!

3. Make Your Sweat Spiritual

You know that mind over matter moment when that bead of sweat rolls down into your eye as your legs tremble and you can feel your mind telling you to give up and stop? Switch this sweat stop into a spiritual start. When your mind or ego enters your practice, politely ask it to peace out and invite your higher self in to guide you through. You’ll find you won’t even be bothered by those sweat beads. …What sweat beads? Exactly!

4. Steam Up Your Spirituality

This one has less to do with you heating up, and more to do with you adding fire to your spiritual practice. Fire, water, earth, and air are all elements of your year, and a great way to incorporate these elements into your practice or daily spiritual rituals is aromatherapy. The candle flame, mixed with water or oil, and earth-scented elements such as lavender, citrus, sandalwood, or thyme can help to bring a new sense of grounding and connection to your S sessions—combing stretch, spiritual, and aromatherapy sweat.

5. Simply Stretch

If you are focused and aligned in your poses you will find that it organically includes sweat and spirituality. The art of just being, during a yin flow, Kundalini Breath of Fire, or challenging pose is a unified way to combine the three S’s in 2016. The mind-body-soul has to work as one, and as a result comes transformation and release—the themes of your coming year.

So, your mantra for 2016? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stretch yourself to new limits. And tap into your spirituality; use the wise guide inside…

Emma MildonEmma Mildon is an author, columnist, and spiritualist who specializes in spiritual research that she shares to her readers through her interactive website, app, and books. Giving her readers easy access to everything from spiritual scriptures across all religions, to different types of yoga to explore, to crystals, and feng-shui—right down to how to work out your astrology and numerology. Be sure to check out her book The Soul Searchers Handbook or visit her website, You can also find Emma on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and Google+.