Wanderlusters in the Wilderness

Some Wanderlust fun—New Zealand style!

Where will you Wander? Tickets to Wanderlust Great Lake Taupo, Thredbo, and O’ahu just went on sale.


This piece comes from New Zealand and contains non-American English spellings.

Welcome to the wild lands of New Zealand … an enchanting realm full of wonder and Wanderlusters. Celebrating the sexy, the subtle, and the sacred, Pete Longworth embarked on the joyful adventure of capturing the souls who brought colour to the festival, and the natural beauty that surrounded it. Each Wanderluster was simply invited to be free in the moment and enjoy a personal dance with their lush environment … a special Kiwi setting that Pete refers to as his “favourite studio of all-time!”







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Pete LongworthPete Longworth is an artist who loves creating provocative, immersive experiences. He has adorned the screens of Cannes; is a two-time winner at the New York Independent Film Festival; and was selected as Australia’s featured artist for their National Day. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.