How to Take Full Advantage of the Full Moon

Head outside and enjoy this weekend’s Strawberry Full Moon.

There’s nothing quite like a full moon.

Full moons bring with them powerful energy that is not to be missed. So, take advantage—whether you’re a moon child or not. Below, five ways to honor the special occasion.

Move Beneath the Moon

Allow yourself the flexibility to switch up your practice. If you wake up to the sunrise with sun salutations consider bringing your mat outside tonight for a change of pace.

Enjoy the new scenery, the sounds, and the beauty of the full moon… Let it guide your intent for your practice. Maybe you’re looking to open yourself to new possibilities, or you’re ready for a change, let it flow through your movement on the mat. If you’re feeling a little wild—they do say full moons can bring out the crazy in people—nix the mat all together and just move your body in whatever way feels right for you. Van Morrison would likely agree, “it’s a marvelous night for a moondance.”

Manifest in the Moonlight

What are you in pursuit of? What do you want? Two loaded question, for sure. This evening is the perfect time to sit outside under the light of the moon and take a mindful minute to think about that.

Sit quietly and let your mind unwind. Reflect on your day, your week, the past month. Have you set goals for yourself? Have you reached them? Take this time to set intentions for the future—whether just for the month or for the rest of the year. This is a powerful time to manifest your goals and set your sights on what’s ahead. Whatever comes, let it come.

Cater to Your Crystals

If your crystals are in need of a re-charge and cleansing, there is no better time than tonight. Crystals absorb energy—the energy we give off, and the energy around them. If you’ve been turning to your crystals frequently recently, they may be in need of a reboot.

With this full moon comes strong energy, and according to The Little Sage, “a full moon is the brightest and…it is the most potent point to cast off what is no longer serving you—and your crystals.” Give your crystals a rinse in water and set them out to absorb the energy and light of the moon.

Free Yourself

Have you been holding onto something—a relationship, resentment, fear, anger? Sun Gazing suggests that the ability to finally let go may come with this Harvest Moon lunar eclipse. Take note of the things that no longer serve you that you still allow to take up precious, valuable, space in your life.

As the moon slips away leaving the skies open to the sunrise of tomorrow allow what’s holding you back to do the same. Let it go. Let it slip away. Relish in the release of what’s no longer necessary. Make room for what’s coming—make room for you. Free yourself from whatever it is that you’re holding onto. While it may not happen overnight, you’ve got to start somewhere, and beneath the Harvest Moon might just be the perfect place.

Get Creative

As MindBodyGreen says, “If you’ve ignored your intuition, your appetite, and your creative expression, the Pisces full moon lunar eclipse reminds you to pay attention.” Paint night in the moonlight, anyone?

Grab your friends—or go it alone—and tap into your creative energy tonight. Any outlet will do. Set up an easel outside, tie-dye to your hearts content, bring your coloring book out into the grass, or grab a journal and write. Whatever you choose, don’t hold back!